Superchain Network partners with UNA Coin and EnigmaFund to Aid Victims of the UST and LUNA Crash

Grand News Network | March 5, 2024

Aiming to help the victims of LUNA and UST to find financial restitution, Superchain partners with UNA to provide the essential, verifiable and trustless data needed for claim identification.

Lisboa, Lisbon, Portugal, 5th Mar 2024 – In an innovative leap towards blockchain justice, Superchain Network has announced a partnership with UNA, setting a new standard in the recovery efforts following the catastrophic UST and LUNA crash of May 2022. 

Superchain Network partners with UNA Coin and EnigmaFund to Aid Victims of the UST and LUNA Crash

This collaboration is dedicated to identifying the wallets of affected users, enabling them to claim and recover financially through UNA’s tokenomics and ecosystem.

The TerraForm Labs (and thus UST and LUNA) collapse was a significant event in the cryptocurrency world, leaving many investors facing substantial financial losses. In response, UNA is building a community recovery operating system and tokenomic design to help the victims of the UST and LUNA crash find hope for a financial recovery.

Superchain’s trustless and verifiable data infrastructure plays a pivotal role in this initiative, offering a secure and transparent infrastructure and data to ascertain how much UNA will be distributed to each user based on their UST and LUNA holdings from the 6th and 7th of May 2022 (the days of the depeg).

Utilizing Superchain’s advanced cross-chain data infrastructure, and blockchain analytics capabilities, the partnership aims to meticulously identify the wallets that held UST or LUNA at the time of the crash, including those on exchanges, in pools, or engaged in farming activities. This comprehensive approach ensures that no affected party is left behind, paving the way for equitable financial restitution.

“This partnership with Superchain Network marks a significant milestone in our mission to support those affected by the UST and LUNA crash,” said Enigma, the founder and “head chef” of UNA. “Through Superchain’s unparalleled trustless data verification technology, we are able to extend a lifeline to the victims, offering them a path to financial recovery and stability… and it’s going to be free, much like Jupiter’s airdrop.”

Superchain Network echoes this sentiment, highlighting the importance of trust and transparency in the blockchain space. 

“Our technology is designed to bring decentralized, trustless and verified data to Web3 and the future of all financial applications, at lightning-fast speeds. Collaborating with UNA allows us to apply our capabilities towards a noble cause, helping to heal the wounds inflicted by one of the industry’s most significant setbacks,” stated Maxim Legg, cofounder and CTO of Superchain.

The partnership between Superchain Network and UNA Coin is more than just a technical collaboration; it’s a testament to the power of blockchain technology to provide solutions in times of crisis. By coming together, these two entities are not only offering financial relief but are also rebuilding trust within the cryptocurrency community.

Victims of the UST and LUNA crash are encouraged to come forward and engage with this initiative to reclaim and recover their lost assets. For more information on how to participate, please visit and

About Superchain 

Superchain is building infrastructure that delivers the accurate, verified, and transparent data at lightning speed, needed to power the next generation of the decentralized era. Superchain is backed by Blockchain Capital, Maven11, KR1 and other notable Web3 investors.

About UNA 

UNA is building the recovery operating system and tokenomics for massive Web3 communities that have collapsed. Through its innovative use of blockchain technology, UNA aims to provide support and restitution to individuals and communities affected by cryptocurrency market volatilities. 

At $UNA, 50% of the supply can be freely claimed by anyone that had UST/ LUNA at the depeg, 6th/ 7th of May.

UNA is backed by EnigmaFund Venture Capital.

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