Invixus Launches Customer Loyalty and Cryptocurrency Rewards Program

Grand News Network | February 21, 2024

Dublin, Ireland, 21st Feb 2024 – Invixus, a pioneer in the competitive landscape of e-commerce, has launched an innovative Cryptocurrency Cashback and Loyalty Points System. The new customer loyalty program aims to engage and reward customers while revealing the commitment of Invixus for promoting meaningful connections in the digital age.


Invixus Launches Customer Loyalty and Cryptocurrency Rewards Program

The new Cashback and Loyalty Points System created by Invixus offers merchants a gateway to growth and expansion through a complimentary AI-driven rewards platform. By harnessing the power of INV tokens, retailers can enhance user loyalty, drive sales, and unlock new avenues for business expansion—all without the burden of upfront costs or complex integration processes. With a proven track record of delivering an average revenue increase of 17% to its partners, Invixus empowers merchants to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

InRewards is an integrated open-loop loyalty system that combines various retailers and offers users a customer-centric interface. Users can access a single wallet through the websites of participating merchants or through a web or mobile app. There’s no need to register separately for each retailer’s loyalty program, and the earned tokens can be used with any member of the network.

Unlike other loyalty systems that provide points, InRewards converts value into tokens and directly credits them to the customer’s wallet. Merchants can utilize the InRewards platform for free. It is easy to install and set up, without requiring any specialized technical knowledge or skills.

At the heart of Invixus lies the desire to creating a better future for businesses and consumers alike. Conceived by a team of entrepreneurs, the new Invixus loyalty and rewards program and its infrastructure is the culmination of years of research, development, and effort to bring a truly revolutionary solution to market.

The customer loyalty program works in a seamless way whereby, with every purchase, referral, or engagement, users earn INV tokens—a digital currency that transcends traditional loyalty programs and rewards systems. More than just a means of transaction, INV tokens represent a gateway to a personalized ecosystem of benefits, discounts, and exclusive offers.

To support the program, Invixus has created a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and ensures the efficient development and governance of its rewards network, empowering stakeholders to shape the future of loyalty and rewards on their own terms.

With Invixus, merchants gain access to cutting-edge rewards and loyalty solutions, customers unlock a world of possibilities, and the community thrives through collective growth and collaboration.

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